Definition of sampling in US English:



  • 1The action or process of taking samples of something for analysis.

    ‘routine river sampling is carried out according to a schedule’
    • ‘Summarized data for the environmental sampling of each sawmill (median and ranges) are presented in Table 1.’
    • ‘The known bias of snowball sampling is the strength of this project.’
    • ‘Interpretation of Pap smear slides may be hindered by poor sampling, uneven cell distribution or improper fixation of the slide.’
    • ‘Contrary to the boasts of corporate-oriented technical literature, sampling is not flawless.’
    • ‘Thorough sampling will make it easier to establish a correlation between endoscopic appearances and histologic changes.’
    • ‘Lung sampling was randomized, with the second bronchoscopy always conducted in the contralateral lung.’
    • ‘The authors conclude that the brush technique provides adequate sampling for the identification of cervical pathology with reduced patient discomfort and bleeding.’
    • ‘The remaining 30 percent of cervical cancers result from errors in sampling and interpretation.’
    • ‘Each sampling technique can be used individually based on certain criteria or it is often common to use all three in combination.’
    • ‘The curators have made an error, I think, in not presenting a sampling of the work Rodchenko created during his shadowy last twenty years.’
    • ‘More details about statistics, pharmacokinetics, drug assays, and blood sampling are given in the online supplement.’
    • ‘The large variation in disease detection rates with cervical smears may be partly due to differences in the sampling devices and the techniques of sampling.’
    1. 1.1 A sample.
      ‘the list provides a sampling of the many resources available’
      ‘five random samplings collected from wild cats’
      • ‘It is not apparent that it is even possible - in principle - to carry out a statistically representative sampling for these particular purposes.’
      • ‘The main obstacles in atomistic simulations, however, have been the restriction to very short timescales and the inability of equilibrium simulations to provide statistically satisfactory samplings.’
      • ‘It's possible that we would collect somewhere less than 200,000 and still have a very scientifically statistically valid sampling.’
      • ‘It is random sampling that provides statistical independence and with it the probability structure linking a sample with a parent population.’
      • ‘‘An election is not a statistically valid sampling of the population either - it is only the people who choose to vote,’ he says.’
  • 2The technique of digitally encoding music or sound and reusing it as part of a composition or recording.

    ‘sampling is bringing older music to younger ears’
    • ‘Swapping compulsive sampling for more traditional method of creating electronic music, the King recorded this album with analogue equipment and tapes.’
    • ‘Another common way to integrate sound is through content sampling or sharing.’
    • ‘An important technique of contemporary music making involves the appropriation of older recordings through the use of digital sampling.’
    • ‘Producing new sounds through the sampling of already existing music was an innovative challenge recognized by such authorities in the field of electronic music as the composer Karlheinz Stockhausen.’
    • ‘The use of sampling and other digital technology has not only questioned those concepts of musical work and authorship that were in fact already unstable.’
    • ‘At the same time, his technique of cutting the stream of words with repeated sound fragments anticipates the sampling of electronic music.’
    • ‘This is perhaps best demonstrated in music, where sampling has created an obvious situation in which individuals are both producing and consuming simultaneously.’
    • ‘The 1990s have seen rock bands like Sublime and Limp Bizkit incorporate hip hop's lingo, vocal style, and the art of sampling into their music.’
    • ‘Since sampling is a constitutive structural part of rap music, it is naturally found in all local variants of the genre.’
    • ‘The sampling and contorted rhythms really add a lot to many of the songs.’
    • ‘His songs are emotive and honest and this hybrid blending of scratching and sampling with conventional instrumentation is a success.’
    • ‘Now, let's shift our focus from political expression to artistic expression, and the brave new world of sampling and remixing.’
    • ‘Their attitude towards sampling is ‘hands-on’, even though their music could easily be the result of pre-meditation.’
    • ‘Even his accent could be produced from digital sampling.’
    • ‘But it is his first, as he tells you in the exhaustive liner notes, doing more than ‘just sampling and sequencing sounds’.’
    • ‘Much as with hip-hop sampling, the high cost of licensing limits the range of choices and the number of samples they can use on MTV Mash.’
    • ‘As well as south of the border, now that Brazil has caught up with digital sampling and the whole digital world.’
    • ‘Prior to digital sampling, all games had to use sound chips to provide a suitably realistic sonic environment, so you had to say a lot with very little.’
    • ‘Across the board, the mixes manage to obfuscate the content by either sampling to the point of irrelevance, cutting lyrics, or just submerging them deep within the mix.’
    • ‘In the introduction, he explains that sampling has influenced popular music more than any other technique during the past 20 years.’