Definition of sample point in US English:

sample point


  • A single possible observed value of a variable.

    • ‘If a sample point lies within the distance metric of another point that is lower in energy, it is assumed to lie within an existing basin of attraction and is rejected from further computational consideration.’
    • ‘At the final sample point, two axillary buds were present on the flanks of the central and of the lateral buds of the eye, and intense mitotic activity was observed on these buds.’
    • ‘Within the 4ms code sequence, the sample point will move across the full triangle several times, such that the integrated result is a smooth triangle itself.’
    • ‘At the first sample point, 24 patients produced sputum spontaneously, the remainder being induced, compared with 22 patients expectorating spontaneously at the second sample point.’
    • ‘The 2903T mutation was not observed at the next sample point (verified by partial sequencing of nine isolates), but by then a second change was present that remained in all subsequent passages.’