Definition of samadhi in US English:



Hinduism Buddhism
  • 1A state of intense concentration achieved through meditation. In Hindu yoga this is regarded as the final stage, at which union with the divine is reached (before or at death).

    • ‘This lack of self is related to gnosis but makes me think more of things like yoga's samadhi.’
    • ‘Indeed the Buddha instruction appears to be that samadhi could be achieved by individual effort alone, provided that the person has already achieved a measure of liberation from the asavas and satisfied some of the paramitas.’
    • ‘The term, Zen, is a translation of a Sanskrit term, dhyana, the seventh highest state of consciousness immediately preceding samadhi, the final and non-duality stage described in the eight limbs of yoga.’
    • ‘He said that for twenty years I had served him well, and that if I did five more years of tapas, religious austerity, I would achieve nirvikalpa samadhi (ultimate meditation).’
    • ‘When meditation is very deep, various channels are open and it will lead to samadhi and then to final Moksha if God pleases.’
    1. 1.1Indian A funerary monument.
      • ‘The last half an hour is a meditation at the sacred samadhi of Sadhu Vaswani.’
      • ‘While he is among the five Congress Prime Ministers whose pictures appear in the Congress manifesto, the bjp has put a photograph of Vajpayee with Rao at Rajiv Gandhi's samadhi taken during the 13-day government of Vajpayee.’
      • ‘The hill is also home to the samadhi of Babaji, the founder of the temple's order who now rests in a cave tucked away anonymously.’
      • ‘Chanti refuses to surrender the piece of land, where his father's samadhi lay, to him at any cost.’


From Sanskrit samādhi ‘contemplation’.