Definition of salvor in US English:



  • A person engaged in salvage of a ship or items lost at sea.

    ‘the first salvor on the scene would have owned the ship and cargo’
    ‘a log salvor’
    • ‘Because of the difficulties in some salvage operations, salvors may tell you they do not know what the cost will be but will instead make a salvage claim afterwards.’
    • ‘Yesterday, salvors were also hard at work on the cargo ship Sagitarius, which is grounded on the rocks off Leaches Bay.’
    • ‘Speaking after a logistic meeting with the salvors, ships agents and other authorities late last night, Kroon said yesterday had been spent making sure the vessel was prepared to withstand the expected storm.’
    • ‘Most of the fuel has been removed off the TMP Sagitarius, but salvors are still struggling to remove fuel oil off the Nino as gale force winds yesterday cause havoc with recovery attempts.’
    • ‘Once past the disorientating 10m gap where the salvors have blasted this ship apart, the hull reformed and a smaller high-elevation gun could be seen.’