Definition of salvager in US English:



  • See salvage

    • ‘Ravaged by bushfires, salvagers, restorers and souvenir hunters the once almost intact wreck is now a shadow of its former self.’
    • ‘The 44,000 tonne Prestige had sustained a near 50 ft crack in the hull below the waterline that made it unable to proceed under its own power while salvagers sought a port to do repairs or transfer the oil to another vessel.’
    • ‘The brothers were the original salvagers and employed teams of men to strip fabric from ships, including the liner Aquitania when she was broken up.’
    • ‘The story goes, after discovering a passenger ship missing since 1953 floating adrift on the Bering Sea, salvagers claim the vessel as their own.’
    • ‘The hulls lie in relatively shallow water and have long been raided by salvagers and souvenir hunters, despite their status as war graves.’