Definition of salvageable in US English:



  • See salvage

    • ‘He was trying to estimate the scrap value of steel, copper, aluminum, and salvageable brick and other salvageable materials like doors and toilets.’
    • ‘He says he'll have his people cut and refit whatever is salvageable to clean up some problems, like the balky radar receiver, but some things, like the starboard weapons array and armor, are little more than fused scrap now.’
    • ‘The usually prescribed solution is fiscal austerity combined with slowly reinflating the money supply while restoring the salvageable banks to solvency.’
    • ‘Unharmed or salvageable from the attack were land installation, power stations, all submarines and stores of gasoline. The gasoline enabled shipyards to repair all the salvageable ships.’
    • ‘We have already taken out as much equipment from the swimming pool as can be reused and any salvageable materials will be salvaged.’