Definition of salutary in English:



  • 1(especially with reference to something unwelcome or unpleasant) producing good effects; beneficial.

    ‘a salutary reminder of where we came from’
    • ‘A rise in joblessness could cancel out the strong euro's salutary effect on consumer spending.’
    • ‘Vandell has an explanation for why these kinds of activities - such as art and music programs - have such salutary effects on kids.’
    • ‘Disappointing as her father's edict was to her, it did have the salutary effect of keeping little Mary out of harm's way.’
    • ‘The unpleasantness of this schism seems to have had a salutary effect on Tennent, who was more responsible for it than anyone else.’
    • ‘The generous New Hope program had a particularly salutary academic effect on boys, the team found.’
    • ‘There is no physiological system in the body which doesn't get the salutary effect of sound and soothing sleep.’
    • ‘The resulting convictions should serve as a salutary reminder to those who hold public office that they are bound by a duty of trust which they breach at their peril.’
    • ‘It does not tell us, as many advocates have argued, that we could raise the minimum wage to $10 with salutary effect on poverty.’
    • ‘There are occasions when the petitioner's mother interjects into the discussions between the parties, which has no salutary effect.’
    • ‘But he said it appeared the court proceedings had had a salutary effect on her and he was prepared to make an exception to the rule that breach of trust offences required a prison sentence.’
    • ‘These salutary effects of ezetimibe on statin levels presumably enhance the beneficial effects attributed to statin pleiotropy.’
    • ‘But I couldn't imagine any of these bad dream poems having a salutary effect on the peace gathering.’
    • ‘As a salutary side effect, reform may also be society's greatest protection against politically motivated violence.’
    • ‘The trial is bound to be a show - but a show that is much more likely to have salutary effects, on balance.’
    • ‘Although such measures enabled Cavour to outmanoeuvre the clerical right in the short run, their long-term effects were less salutary.’
    • ‘These missives have the salutary effect of not only making the author more careful but also of different points of view from one's own.’
    • ‘All these had a very salutary effect on their physical afflictions and to a considerable extent served as their psychological treatment.’
    • ‘The second step was to show that improving function of the muscles of ambulation has a salutary effect on exercise tolerance.’
    • ‘Kind words have just the opposite effect: They are salutary and healing because they offer encouragement and hope to others.’
    • ‘He had been remanded in custody for a short period of time and that had had a salutary effect upon him.’
    beneficial, good, good for one, advantageous, profitable, productive, helpful, useful, of use, of service, valuable, worthwhile, practical
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    1. 1.1archaic Health-giving.
      ‘the salutary Atlantic air’
      • ‘Thus all spiritualities exist as sites of contention between salutary qualities and incapacitating effects.’
      • ‘It is evident from experimental animal studies and from human studies that statins have salutary effects in heart failure.’
      healthy, health-giving, healthful, salubrious, beneficial, good for one's health, wholesome
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Late Middle English (as a noun in the sense ‘remedy’): from French salutaire or Latin salutaris, from salus, salut- ‘health’.