Definition of salubrity in US English:



  • See salubrious

    • ‘As a summer resort for tourists in search of health or pleasure, the year had not been a good one but the salubrity of the Ingleton air was evident in the decision of West Riding County Council to chose it as one of two sites for a sanatorium.’
    • ‘The spectacular scenery of the West also earns an honorable mention from Limerick: The region's salubrity has attracted millions of migrants.’
    • ‘Chipman indicted Californians, and miners in particular, for failing to follow natural dictates, blaming human ‘ignorance, improvidence and wastefulness’ for deteriorating the ‘earth's general salubrity.’’
    • ‘The inexhaustible fertility of our soil, salubrity of the climate, and the various and amazing resources of the country, evince its capacity to support a dense population.’