Definition of saltwater crocodile in US English:

saltwater crocodile


  • A large and dangerous crocodile occurring in estuaries and coastal waters from southwestern India to northern Australia.

    Crocodylus porosus, family Crocodylidae

    • ‘The skin of the saltwater crocodile produces the highest quality leather of the world's crocodilian species.’
    • ‘Seven farms operate in Australia's Northern Territory, raising saltwater crocodiles from hatchlings and selling their skin and meat.’
    • ‘Unlike saltwater crocodiles, freshwater crocodiles generally do not pose a threat to humans.’
    • ‘Crocodiles vary in size. The saltwater crocodile measures up to 10 m in length, while others are no more than 1 m long.’
    • ‘Caught disturbing residents of Wyndham, Western Australia, a saltwater crocodile is restrained for shipment to a park.’