Definition of saltine in US English:



North American
  • A thin, crisp, savory cracker sprinkled with salt.

    • ‘Select low-calorie, low-density food options like fresh vegetables or fruits, fat-free pretzels, saltines, etc. for snacks.’
    • ‘James and I were sharing a packet of saltines, which only lasted about fifteen minutes, but my mom finally told us to sit at the table if we wanted any food.’
    • ‘Once you start eating a bunch of saltines, you're not only parched, but you've instantly got a ball of paste in your mouth that takes lots of chewing to ingest.’
    • ‘If your appetite is gone, simply sip water and nibble on saltines for awhile until you feel like eating again.’
    • ‘I crushed up the last of the saltines and sprinkled them over the broth.’


From salt + -ine.