Definition of saltimbocca in English:



  • A dish consisting of rolled pieces of veal or poultry cooked with herbs, bacon, and other flavorings.

    • ‘His wife said he enjoys cooking all kinds of Italian food but his speciality is meat dishes such as saltimbocca and steaks, which he prepares himself.’
    • ‘The saltimbocca alla romana is astonishing, the veal, prosciutto and sage explode on the tongue. The fragole di bosco are exquisite, possibly the best wild strawberries in the world.’
    • ‘The second course was from a selection of eight entrées (e.g., saltimbocca alla Romana).’
    • ‘Other Bijou main courses are made up of traditional winter warmers such as saltimbocca, roasted loin of lamb, roasted rabbit and guinea fowl.’
    • ‘It was Julia who found for us the cool, quiet haven of an oak-timbered Italian restaurant, where I cured my headache with Barolo and saltimbocca.’


Italian, literally ‘leap into the mouth’.