Definition of saltbush in US English:



  • A salt-tolerant orache plant sometimes used in the reclamation of saline soils or to provide grazing in areas of salty soil.

    Genus Atriplex, family Chenopodiaceae: several species, including the four-wing saltbushA. canescens of the western US

    • ‘As their name suggests, saltbushes have high tissue concentrations of salt.’
    • ‘A fruit commonly consumed by Silvereyes is the small, polymorphic berry (red, yellow, or white) of the fragrant saltbush.’
    • ‘The saltbush Atriplex halimus is a chenopodiaceous plant well adapted to dry saline habitats and widely distributed in the Mediterranean Basin.’
    • ‘Saltbushes are well-adapted to grow in salty or alkaline sites where the soils are silty or gravelly and thus retain little water. ...’
    • ‘New flora grew on the shore: Desert scrub, creosote bush, saltbush, and tamarisk.’