Definition of saltatory in US English:



  • See saltation

    • ‘The saltatory nature of this type of flight results in extreme linear and angular displacements of the bird's body; however, birds isolate their heads from these accelerations with cervical reflexes.’
    • ‘The myelin acts as a layer of high electrical resistance and low capacitance, facilitating the rapid saltatory conduction of electrical impulses from node to node for long distances along axons that may be up to 1 m in length.’
    • ‘His intriguing take on evolution proposed that the apparent saltation of the fossil record actually reflected saltatory events.’
    • ‘The species possesses paired, elongate lateral spines that function in saltatory sweeping motions in response to sheer disturbances by predators.’
    • ‘The cytoskeleton is involved in the saltatory movement of organelles such as mitochondria or in the fusion of endosomes with primary lysosomes.’