Definition of salt shaker in US English:

salt shaker


  • A perforated container for sprinkling salt.

    • ‘Although a salt shaker is the most obvious source of added sodium in foods, most of the sodium you ingest is hidden.’
    • ‘Feel free to salt otherwise low-sodium foods, such as eggs, potatoes, fresh meat and vegetables, but don't go wild with the salt shaker.’
    • ‘Remove the salt shaker from the table to break the habit of salting food at the table.’
    • ‘Here's how Betty starts her seeds: After filling her flats with seed-starting mix, she sows the seeds and lightly sprinkles the gelatin powder over them using an old salt shaker.’
    • ‘I think that the crostini had been prepared a bit too early by the kitchen, as it had started to become soft, and the salad needed more salt for my taste, but there were no salt shakers on the table.’


salt shaker

/ˈsôlt SHākər//ˈsɔlt ʃeɪkər/