Definition of salt dome in US English:

salt dome


  • A dome-shaped structure in sedimentary rocks, formed where a large mass of salt has been forced upward. Such structures often form traps for oil or natural gas.

    • ‘Because of their buoyancy, halite beds may deform or rise and drag surrounding rocks, producing salt domes or act as fill or lubrication in geological faults.’
    • ‘Halite is found in underground deposits known as salt domes, formed when ancient seas dried up and were buried under the earth.’
    • ‘Those deposits, known as salt domes are a major dry-land source of bromine today.’
    • ‘The ship first drilled in the Gulf of Mexico and in the process managed to prove one of the Doc's pet theories: that there were salt domes in the Gulf and that these were the cap rocks for oil reservoirs.’
    • ‘A salt dome in Texas turned into the Spindletop oil bonanza, a serendipity of far-reaching import.’