Definition of salt cedar in US English:

salt cedar


North American
  • A tamarisk with reddish-brown branches and feathery gray foliage.

    Tamarix gallica, family Tamaricaceae

    • ‘The construction of upstream dams and the resulting controls over the river flow have prevented floods, allowing non-native plants such as salt cedar to colonize the area and alter the natural ecology.’
    • ‘I breathe in the salt cedars, the bushes pearled with skin petals that seem to sweat.’
    • ‘In the early 20th century, the springs became overrun with non-native mosquitofish, which were introduced for mosquito control, and choked with salt cedar trees (Tamarix spp.), introduced to stabilize embankments.’
    • ‘Along with tree-planting efforts, crews are laboring to remove the invasive salt cedar, which monopolizes water supplies and crowds out natives.’
    • ‘Along many canals, settlers had planted native cottonwood trees or imported species, like poplars, salt cedars, and pecans, at regular intervals.’