Definition of salt bridge in US English:

salt bridge


  • 1A tube containing an electrolyte (typically in the form of a gel), providing electrical contact between two solutions.

  • 2A link between electrically charged acidic and basic groups, especially on different parts of a large molecule such as a protein.

    • ‘According to the crystal structure, Asp 127, the catalytic base, and Arg 129, both conserved residues of serine/threonine kinases, form a double salt bridge.’
    • ‘The phosphate chain forms salt bridges and direct or water-mediated hydrogen bonds with the NH of tryptophan 166 indole rings as well as positively charged lysines and arginines.’
    • ‘We have shown that 50% of the stored energy is electrostatic, mainly due to stretching of the salt bridge between the protonated Schiff base and the Glu - 113 counterion.’
    • ‘Recognizing the different roles of semi-buried salt bridges and exposed charges is very important.’
    • ‘It has been proposed that the first step could be a salt bridge between the amino acid lysine and the phosphate group of the phospholipid molecules, which acts as an ‘interfacial anchor’.’