Definition of salon music in US English:

salon music


  • Light classical music originally considered suitable for playing in a salon.

    • ‘They got more and more bizarre and eventually used extensive reworkings of Victorian parlour songs and piano salon music.’
    • ‘In 1838 Heller moved to Paris, where he made a living as a critic and a composer of salon music and enjoyed the friendship of Berlioz.’
    • ‘Pierne had been composing light, salon music for some time, but his first major work was the opera La coupe enchantée, produced in Royan on 24 August 1895.’
    • ‘Local compositions reflected the prevailing British fashion of ballads and salon music, but their words introduced subjects and sentiments more reflective of the landscape, flora and fauna of the new land.’
    • ‘Sir Edward Elgar wrote salon music, and while it was not very ‘important’ work, he did it with professionalism and affection.’