Definition of salinization in US English:



  • See saline

    • ‘In India, land irrigated by well water is twice as productive as that fed by canals - these raise the water table excessively, causing water-logging and salinization.’
    • ‘The distribution efficiency of the dams is less than half of the expected outcome (the highest efficiency reaching 38 per cent), leading to water salinisation and land waterlogging.’
    • ‘Cold dry periods, glacier expansion and crop failures between 5,800 and 4,900 years ago resulted in deforestation, flooding, silting of irrigation channels, salinisation and the collapse of the Sumerian city states.’
    • ‘There is a widespread salinization of soils caused either by irrigation which draws salts to the surface in dry areas or else the evaporation of irrigation water that leaves salt in its stead.’
    • ‘In Australia, the driest continent on Earth, the land is scarred by salinization and in South America the destruction of the rainforest and changing weather patterns has led to drier, less humid conditions with less rainfall.’