Definition of saline in English:



  • 1Containing or impregnated with salt.

    ‘saline alluvial soils’
    • ‘It is difficult to see how such large leaves could avoid catastrophic overheating in a tropical climate if the trees were growing in saline soils and stomatal conductance was consequently limited.’
    • ‘Hypertonic saline gauze is impregnated with dry sodium chloride.’
    • ‘Engineered plants can help improve harvests in limited and marginal lands, for example in saline soils or in drought-prone areas’
    • ‘Increased desiccation is indicated by post-3 Ma evaporite precipitation in topographic lows above Pliocene strata and development of a saline crust throughout the Peru-Chile Desert.’
    • ‘In coastal areas, a decline in the water-table can also induce flow of saline groundwater from the formation beneath the ocean or sea toward wells on land.’
    • ‘Wine from vineyards with saline soils may contain elevated levels of salt.’
    • ‘Salinity also is a problem in areas with saline groundwater, such as is found in Egypt and Israel.’
    • ‘Strong winds remove the fertile top soil and seawater intrusion during the rains leaves the soil and water saline.’
    • ‘Third, germination of papyrus from seed may have been hampered by residual saline porewater in littoral soils.’
    • ‘The movement of saline water into freshwater aquifers, or saltwater intrusion, is usually caused by ground water pumping from coastal wells.’
    • ‘However, the nodulation pattern of the two groups in saline soils has not previously been examined and the role of the bacterial symbiont in overall yield in salt-affected soil remains controversial.’
    • ‘Most seeds are deposited near the surface of saline soil where the concentration of salt is usually much higher than it is below the surface.’
    • ‘Native to South America, paspalum had been used on courses for about 40 years, primarily where salt spray killed traditional turf or the soil had high saline content.’
    • ‘The use of NaCl as the sole salinizing agent in salinity studies is due to the fact that generally it is the main component of the soluble salts mixture present in saline soils.’
    • ‘Sediments from this locality yield a mixed freshwater and saline fauna.’
    • ‘Native populations are found in loam or clay depressions containing moderately saline soils and a temporary water-table, and also on outcrops of gypso-saline marls.’
    • ‘When the waters receded, they left a broad plain of highly saline soil.’
    • ‘The Chenopodiaceae Suaeda salsa L. is native to saline soils of northern China and is adapted to growth in the high salt flooding region.’
    • ‘The groundwater is becoming saline as the water table sinks because of overuse, and sea water presses in.’
    • ‘The detailed sequence of morphological changes of calcite crystals possibly provides a record of the elevation of the saline transition zone, with which hydrogeological models must be consistent.’
    1. 1.1Medicine (of a solution) containing sodium chloride and/or a salt or salts of magnesium or another alkali metal.
      • ‘Embryos were extracted from uteri by saline solution lavage on days 2 and 3 of pregnancy.’
      • ‘Immediately after thoracotomy, the pleural cavity was carefully washed with 100 mL of physical saline solution, and the fluid was examined.’
      • ‘Aerosolized saline solution in the inspiratory circuit is used to humidify the inspired air.’
      • ‘Acute lung injury induced by saline solution lavage, in contrast to that induced by oleic acid, is known to be stable for a 2-to 4-h period after stabilization.’
      • ‘All of the specimens were kept moist with physiologic saline solution during specimen preparation, fixation procedures, and biomechanical testing.’
      slightly salty, slightly briny, salt, salted
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  • 1A solution of salt in water.

    • ‘Osborne developed a classification of plant proteins based on their solubility in a series of solvents, for example, albumins in water, globulins in dilute saline.’
    • ‘The control group was given distilled water plus saline.’
    • ‘A saline abortion is a solution of salt saline that is injected into the mothers womb.’
    • ‘The implant may then be filled with saline (salt water) or with a silicone gel.’
    • ‘It compared intravenous fluid replacement with a protein solution made up with albumin versus plain ordinary saline - salt water.’
    1. 1.1 A saline solution used in medicine.
      • ‘Loss of blood volume is initially counteracted by intravenous saline and later by typed and cross-matched blood transfusion.’
      • ‘For adult patients, bronchoscopy was done using 50 ml of saline for bronchoalveolar lavage.’
      • ‘Sodium pentobarbital, and either Trolox or saline were infused intravenously during the treatment.’
      • ‘Sputum induction is a respiratory therapy technique that uses hypertonic saline to induce sputum production.’
      • ‘Relegated to serological realms, and with medical practitioners generally using saline, blood-typing was virtually ignored by clinicians.’


Late 15th century: from Latin sal ‘salt’ + -ine.