Definition of saliency in US English:



  • See salient

    • ‘The ‘lead story ‘on the networks is likely to have a great deal of public saliency, helping to define central issues, and creating a kind of shared focus of attention, for many millions of people.’’
    • ‘Because of their saliency, decisions about international economic policy will not be left to the private sector or to faceless technocrats; they will be a matter of concern for political leaders and their constituencies.’
    • ‘The rise of electronic networks, and particularly the Internet, brought to the fore economic concepts that, while not wholly new, are said to have particular saliency in the new world of next generation services.’
    • ‘Naturally, many Indian artists, viewers, galleries, and collectors are haunted by the question: Why has Indian art not yet gained global saliency?’
    • ‘Perhaps the major breakthrough that underlined the saliency of the psychology of eyewitness evidence to legal decision-making was the application of DNA technology to forensic issues.’