Definition of Salian in US English:



  • A member of the Salii, a 4th-century Frankish people living near the IJssel River, from whom the Merovingians were descended.

    • ‘The imperial crown was neglected for a while and when it was resurrected again it was held by Germans: the Ottonians, then the Salians.’


  • Relating to the Salii.

    • ‘Edward the Confessor's Norman-style Westminster Abbey was, with the exception of the cathedral of the Salian emperors at Speyer, the largest church built north of the Alps since the fourth century.’
    • ‘Almost from the time of Charlemagne, Germany bore versions of the name Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation, beginning with the Salian dynasty and proceeding with the rule of the Hohenstaufens, the Habsburgs, and the Hohenzollerns.’
    • ‘The second Salian emperor, Henry III, apparently founded a castle on the sandstone rock.’
    • ‘In 481-2, Clovis I became ruler of the Salian Franks of Tournai.’
    • ‘The laws of the Salian Franks are considered a part of the Germanic Codes that predated Roman Law in Europe.’