Definition of saintliness in English:



  • The quality or state of being saintly; holiness.

    ‘her selfless behavior borders on saintliness’
    • ‘I realise this is the difference between the person who is merely nice and/or not a very quick thinker, and the person who is a true pastor, verging on saintliness - or just can think quicker than I can after a very tiring 48 hours.’
    • ‘The perfection of life, the human capacity to apprehend and assimilate ideals of highest saintliness and selfless purity-in other words the divine quality or Dharma - is in continuous decline.’
    • ‘Liszt is the ambiguous father figure of Wagner's adult life, and he is a tantalising presence in Köhler's biography, gradually progressing from saintliness to holier-than-thou pomposity.’
    • ‘As I thought about what had gone on in South Africa, I too sometimes felt that the qualities of soul required to restrain the impulse of retributive justice came close to saintliness.’
    • ‘Its message is that sainthood is not just for the professional religious; it believes everyone is called to saintliness, no matter what path in life they walk.’
    holiness, godliness, piety, devoutness, spirituality, blessedness
    virtue, righteousness, purity, goodness, morality, sanctity, unworldliness, innocence, lack of corruption, ethicality, blamelessness, stainlessness, spotlessness, irreproachableness, guiltlessness, sinlessness
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