Definition of sailor suit in US English:

sailor suit


  • A suit of blue and white material resembling the dress uniform of an ordinary seaman, especially as fashionable dress for young boys during the 19th century.

    • ‘The children are there, too, poignant in their Norfolk jackets, sailor suits, and dropped-waist dresses.’
    • ‘Gone were the immaculate mothers with their kids in little sailor suits, shoes and hats, all brand new and matching.’
    • ‘After the breakdown of the Habsburg Empire, the imperial boys' choir was re-established as the Vienna Boys' Choir, whereby the imperial uniforms were replaced by their now-a-days famous sailor suits.’
    • ‘A girl with long red hair, wearing traditional sailor suit school uniform is having to do a math problem in front of class’
    • ‘Shayla said liking him already and thinking he looked cuddly in his blue and white sailor suit and cap, he looked to be about 10 by his height.’


sailor suit

/ˈseɪlər sut//ˈsālər so͞ot/