Definition of sailing orders in US English:

sailing orders

plural noun

  • Instructions to the captain of a vessel regarding such matters as time of departure and destination.

    • ‘It is the second time in six months that a ‘suburban skipper’ has been given his sailing orders.’
    • ‘She still reached her convoy rendezvous in Loch Ewe on time, but while waiting for sailing orders lost her starboard anchor when the cable snapped.’
    • ‘Among our jobs were taking sailing orders to the convoy, rescue work and towing targets for the Army with the artillery lined up on the beach.’
    • ‘Boarding the 30,000-ton battleship Warspite, he left behind him sealed sailing orders that the fleet put to sea.’
    • ‘While the bomb parts and special passengers were being off-loaded, the new sailing orders for the Indianapolis were being prepared by Commander in Chief.’