Definition of sailfin molly in US English:

sailfin molly


  • A small, brightly colored freshwater fish, the male of which has a long, high dorsal fin. Native to North and Central America, it is popular in aquariums.

    Genus Poecilia, family Poeciliidae: P. latipinna and P. velifera

    • ‘Trexler et al. found that larger female sailfin mollies were more likely to be multiply inseminated than smaller females, and interpreted this as meaning that larger females are the objects of strong male-male competition.’
    • ‘Male Sailfin Mollies are impressive fish, decorated with a very large sail-like dorsal fin.’
    • ‘The sailfin molly is found in fresh, brackish, and coastal salt water in coastal lowland habitats from North Carolina to Texas and the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico.’


Sailfin with reference to the dorsal fin + molly.


sailfin molly

/ˌsālfin ˈmälē/