Definition of sailed in US English:



  • in combination (of a boat or ship) having a sail or sails of a specified kind.

    ‘a small-sailed fishing boat’
    ‘a full-sailed schooner’
    • ‘The port was home to the yellow-sailed vessels of the slave lords.’
    • ‘He saw a large double-sailed iceboat with a sinister-looking dark purple flag bearing down upon him.’
    • ‘Ahead of them they spotted a yellow-and-blue-sailed boat with a blue hull.’
    • ‘The waves were dotted with white-sailed boats.’
    • ‘A small nylon-sailed yacht passes us going out to sea.’
    • ‘Behind the black-sailed boat, a green bamboo raft skimmed atop the glimmering water some 40 yards away.’
    • ‘It provides a fun exercise and perhaps provides inspiration as we imagine tall-sailed robotic vessels silently cruising the lakes of Titan.’
    • ‘It will be nice to see more cotton-sailed boats.’
    • ‘A scramble to the top of the mound gave a good view of merry little red-sailed dinghiess tacking this way and that.’
    • ‘The man pointed at a large triple-decked and triple-sailed frigate sitting in anchor in the shallows.’