Definition of sagebrush in US English:



  • 1A shrubby aromatic North American plant of the daisy family.

    Genus "Artemisia", family "Compositae": several species, in particular "A. tridentata"

    • ‘They also typically wore animal-skin moccasins sometimes ankle high or woven yucca or sagebrush bark sandals on their feet.’
    • ‘Across much of its range, the Gray Flycatcher prefers sagebrush and juniper.’
    • ‘In summer months they eat cacti, sagebrush, mesquite, alfalfa, clover, other grasses, and herbaceous vegetation.’
    • ‘He strolled from the hotel across a vacant field of cactus and sagebrush, shooting snakes and beer cans as he made his way.’
    • ‘Milligan dragged himself through sagebrush, cactus and rocks, tearing what little skin he had left on his right arm and backside.’
    • ‘Cheatgrass, sagebrush, manzanita, and ponderosa pine are all part of the volatile ground fuels mix that surrounds the fast-growing city.’
    • ‘The nest is usually located in or under big sagebrush or three-tip sage plants.’
    • ‘The greater sage-grouse is all about the sagebrush, an aromatic, woody shrub with silvery leaves.’
    • ‘On the east side of the river are scattered pastures and farm houses, and on the west side is an old lava flow covered with sagebrush.’
    • ‘Sideoats grama, buffalo grass, sagebrush, yucca and prickly pear cactus are also common on the canyon floor and walls.’
    • ‘The first home I made west of Lake Michigan was in central Arizona, tucked between low hills and covered in Ponderosa pine and sagebrush.’
    • ‘After this the paving ends and I follow a dirt track through pine trees and sagebrush.’
    • ‘The garden is situated on the undeveloped edge of a large city park, among the muted tones of sagebrush, oak and eucalyptus.’
    • ‘But only the tumbleweeds, sagebrush and cactus, that stood like splintered sentries, were visible in this vast wilderness.’
    • ‘Botanical species in this ancient ecosystem included sagebrush, bluegrass, sedges, and herbs.’
    • ‘Left to itself, it would be sagebrush and cactus, but American capital and hydro-engineering wizardry have made it greener than wet Seattle.’
    • ‘During spring, the heifers grazed crested wheatgrass and native sagebrush.’
    • ‘Among the other new small champions you may recognize are the Texas redbud, yellow paloverde, mountain-laurel, and big sagebrush.’
    • ‘The sagebrush and yucca plants made the groups course jagged.’
    • ‘Wide open spaces beckon hikers to the slopes of Peavine Mountain, where jackrabbits and aromatic sagebrush still thrive.’
    1. 1.1 Scrub that is dominated by sagebrush, occurring chiefly in semiarid regions of western North America.
      • ‘A sagebrush steppe ecosystem occupying much of southern Idaho, Craters sits on the northern edge of the Snake River Plain, which tips upward as it merges with the Pioneer Mountains.’
      • ‘Elsewhere, disappearing rabbits can signal declining health of grassland and sagebrush ecosystems.’
      • ‘Although there is some overlap, dialect regions are generally separated by tracts of mostly unused sagebrush or forested areas.’
      • ‘In that semiarid climate, I lived amid sagebrush and dust.’
      • ‘We're parked atop a vertigo-inducing earthen dam in the San Juan Basin, in northwestern New Mexico's arid sandstone and sagebrush country.’
      • ‘Environmental groups have long cited livestock grazing and related development, such as roads, fences, and waterways, as major contributors to the degradation of sagebrush ecosystems.’
      • ‘A 1945 Forest Service publication declared that in areas where sagebrush had replaced grass, the problem was ‘sick land.’’
      • ‘From base camp with vans in the rugged Smoke Creek Desert north of Reno, we will day-hike in these sweeping expanses of sagebrush and juniper.’
      • ‘American Kestrels are found in a wide variety of open habitats, among them agricultural areas, grasslands, sagebrush, shrub-steppe, steppe, and dry forest zones.’
      • ‘Deep gorges slice through the Canyonlands' vast sagebrush steppe, which supports one of the largest concentrations of California bighorn sheep in the West.’
      • ‘The thin mantle of soil and quartzitic gravel is vegetated with ubiquitous sagebrush typical of the high desert in northeastern Nevada.’
      • ‘Wildlife species that rely on native grasslands and sagebrush habitat have experienced considerable change.’
      • ‘Loss of sagebrush in the Great Basin to agriculture and grazing has reduced the sage grouse population from several million to 160,000.’
      • ‘Because less than 3 percent of the entire sagebrush habitat is protected in parks or reserves, the resources in almost all sagebrush ecosystems are heavily used.’
      • ‘They appear to prefer areas dominated by sagebrush or bitterbrush, with native grasses intermixed, generally avoiding cheatgrass-dominated landscapes.’
      • ‘Just as impressive is its surrounding 90,000 acres of upland sagebrush steppe, which once predominated in the Columbia Basin.’
      • ‘Blacktail Deer Creek is a third-order montane stream with a narrow, well-defined riparian area bounded by sagebrush and open forest uplands.’
      • ‘They inhabit dense forests, open sagebrush country, and alpine parklands.’
      • ‘It has achieved dominant status on tens of millions of hectares of former cold desert shrubland and sagebrush steppe vegetation.’
      • ‘It faces imminent extinction resulting from disturbances to its sagebrush habitat, disease, predation, and loss of genetic diversity.’