Definition of sage grouse in US English:

sage grouse


  • A large grouse of western North America, with long pointed tail feathers, noted for the male's courtship display in which air sacs are inflated to make a popping sound.

    Centrocercus urophasianus, family Tetraonidae (or Phasianidae)

    • ‘Before the mine, biologists noted that the site was an active ‘lek,’ or sage grouse dancing ground, where more than 100 of the imperiled birds used to gather.’
    • ‘It is also one of the last strongholds of the charismatic sage grouse, which has declined throughout the West.’
    • ‘Native grasses support cattle grazing and provide forage and shelter for native wild animals, such as elk, bighorn sheep, and sage grouse.’
    • ‘In 2002, Jerry was surprised to see several sage grouse on the northern part of the ranch.’
    • ‘The valley also is a breeding ground for some of the West's largest populations of sage grouse, which are in such decline they're candidates for Endangered Species Act protections.’
    • ‘Wildlife is plentiful, including jackrabbits, mule deer, elk, pheasant, sage grouse, barn owls, bald and golden eagles, and dozens of species of songbirds.’
    • ‘Loss of sagebrush in the Great Basin to agriculture and grazing has reduced the sage grouse population from several million to 160,000.’
    • ‘The Federation successfully sued BLM for failing to write a resource management plan for its sage grouse lands in southwestern Montana.’
    • ‘The group is currently working on a range of controversial issues, including habitat protection for the sage grouse.’
    • ‘The sage grouse, a bird native to the Great Plains and western United States, has seen a dramatic 90 percent decline in population over the past two decades.’
    • ‘Sons Justin, 12, and Conor, 9, plan to spend most of the day fishing for trout, using their homemade poles and flies fashioned from chicken and sage grouse feathers.’
    • ‘So what's going to happen to the sage grouse now?’
    • ‘He believes his sage grouse populations are healthier than those on two nearby National Wildlife Refuges.’
    • ‘The agency administers several million acres of sage grouse habitat across 11 western states.’
    • ‘Visitors to Grasslands National Park can witness the mating dance of the sage grouse or get a look at the sharp-tailed grouse, Saskatchewan's bird emblem.’
    • ‘It's also essential habitat for the imperiled sage grouse, mountain plover and black-tailed prairie dog.’
    • ‘Similarly, prairie chicken, sage grouse, and prairie elk will gain critical habitat when we establish bison and prairie dog reserves in the national grasslands.’
    • ‘The unprecedented state and local effort that has gone into preserving the sage grouse should provide a template for future conservation efforts.’
    • ‘These actions will also benefit pygmy rabbits and sage grouse that use the area as rearing habitat.’
    • ‘The explorers introduced to science Clark's nutcracker and Lewis's woodpecker, as well as the sage grouse and the lesser Canada goose.’


sage grouse

/ˈsāj ˌɡrous/