Definition of sagaciously in US English:



  • See sagacious

    • ‘The Greek philosophers used to talk eloquently and sagaciously, but they never felt the need of experimentation to prove their theories.’
    • ‘The budding politico sagaciously put his arm around Ashalea and explained that the Berlin Wall ran down the middle of a ‘communist country’ known as Berlin.’
    • ‘He didn't seem to pick up on my sarcasm, because he just nodded sagaciously and replied, ‘That they are.’’
    • ‘Enter the ethics expert, who sagaciously counseled the company executive to put a halt to the practice of entertaining clients at strip joints.’
    • ‘I'm suddenly reminded of the doctor's warning broadcast on TV the night before: promiscuous adults and teenagers alike, he sagaciously advised, should use condoms to prevent the spread of AIDS.’