Definition of safety lock in US English:

safety lock

(also safety catch)


  • A device that prevents a gun from being fired or a machine from being operated accidentally.

    • ‘Like all modern Smith and Wessons, the Model 657 has the internal safety lock system that is accessed just above the thumbpiece by the specially provided key.’
    • ‘But as he raised the gun and took off the safety lock she realized that he was finished talking and there would be no more information coming from her friend if she let him shoot her.’
    • ‘A trigger guard safety lock is supplied with the rifle for additional security when the gun is stored.’
    • ‘Although I would certainly support some additional action such as safety locks, instant background checks and development of technology that allows only the owner of a gun to fire a gun.’
    • ‘The idea of safety locks, or of ‘smart weapons’ that only fire for their owners, is taking hold.’
    • ‘And state law limits handgun purchases to one a month, while also requiring safety locks with each sale.’
    • ‘Well, as I described that case, a parent left the safe unlocked and didn't have a safety lock, and the kid takes the gun to school.’
    • ‘He was one of only twenty senators who opposed mandatory safety locks for guns.’
    • ‘But Doyle McManus did say the law wouldn't be that there would be police going into homes to make sure that people are using those safety locks, but that manufacturers be required to install those safety locks when they sell you a gun.’
    • ‘However the Presidio is a perfect twin with the exception of manual operation and no safety lock as is required on the Model 5000.’
    • ‘She knew to keep her mouth shut because he had a weapon which could easily end her life with a click of the safety lock and a pull of the trigger.’
    • ‘A neat little safety lock on each lever prevents inadvertent release.’
    • ‘The code includes statements affirming that dealers will obey all firearms laws, sell only S&W guns equipped with a safety lock, and closely monitor buyers to avoid illegal purchases.’
    • ‘A button was located just where the thumb would fall when the gun was held by the handle, and above the button was a safety lock.’
    • ‘Still, Olson is galled that anyone would try to hold manufacturers responsible for problems like the absence of safety locks on firearms or the deliberate distribution of guns to corrupt dealers who sell to violent felons.’
    • ‘‘You'd better have another daughter somewhere because this one's going to be dead if you unlatch your safety locks on those damn guns,’ he snapped.’
    • ‘Here on the famous Protea Banks, one of the world's hottest places for shark encounters, it was as if I had a gun but the safety lock had jammed.’