Definition of safety glass in US English:

safety glass


  • 1Glass that has been toughened or laminated so that it is less likely to splinter when broken.

    • ‘Instead of the wooden slats that run along the side of the crib, Skinner's ‘air crib’ had sound-absorbing walls and a large picture window made of safety glass.’
    • ‘Kiefer Built's new electric-powered 24 by 24 inch feed doors are manufactured with automotive safety glass and aluminum window guards.’
    • ‘Various forms of laminated and safety glass are also available to withstand impact, bullets or explosion.’
    • ‘Made to exacting standards, their frameless showers are constructed from toughened safety glass, (either clear or crystal), and can be installed in almost any space or over any existing shower base.’
    • ‘Beyond the unusual look of the car, it incorporated many new features considered standard today, such as seat belts, disc brakes, safety glass, and independent suspension.’
    • ‘Laminated safety glass frees architects from strict reliance on opaque structural materials.’
    • ‘Paragon Glass Industries, for example, makes Naturalam decorative laminated safety glass using natural wood interlayers.’
    • ‘Laminated safety glass or fire-resistant plastics are mandatory for the fire windows in Funny Car.’
    • ‘Toughened safety glass for balustrades and fencing is 6, 8 or 10 mm thick.’
    • ‘The boxes are display cabinets, and are made of three layers of laminated glass: two sheets of partially toughened safety glass sandwich an inner leaf of the toughened material.’
    • ‘The gun went off, taking out a glass table top that shattered into four-carat chunks of safety glass.’
    • ‘After all, we've had plastic pint glasses for years now, so making them from safety glass is just a variation.’
    • ‘Luckily the back window of the car is safety glass and just shattered.’
    • ‘Consequently, draperies, as well as plumbing and electrical fixtures, have been modified, and patients staying in the tastefully decorated rooms will see themselves reflected in mirrors made of safety glass.’
    • ‘There were concerns that the toughened laminated safety glass would prove slippy for small, stockinged feet.’
    • ‘The cabinet doors are made of laminated safety glass - whose natural color is light green - to match the counters.’
    • ‘When we bought our house, the home inspector said the sliding glass door did not have safety glass, and he recommended replacement to prevent injury.’
    • ‘All clerestories face due north and are further protected from direct sunlight by eyebrow-like laminated sunscreens of safety glass.’
    • ‘Vanceva [R] is the only laminated safety glass available in over 1000 colours.’
    • ‘At the Corning Museum, displays tell the stories of various inventors' discoveries: the development of safety glass, the automated bottle maker, fiberglass, fiber-optic cable.’
  • 2safety glassesToughened glasses or goggles for protecting the eyes when using power tools or industrial or laboratory equipment.

    • ‘Wear gloves to handle the slate and always wear safety glasses or goggles when cutting.’
    • ‘All workers must wear hard hats and safety glasses and those working on structures must be tied off with a full body harness.’
    • ‘Seventy percent or more of participants reported never using safety glasses, dust masks or respirators, face shields, gloves, or protective clothing when they made jewelry.’
    • ‘Goggles or safety glasses might reduce the risks of transmission.’
    • ‘But workers at the factory here wear safety glasses, and the equipment has automatic cut-offs to prevent workers from losing fingers.’
    • ‘Always wear goggles or safety glasses when sawing or nailing.’
    • ‘Face shields are a secondary line of defense - you'll need to wear safety glasses or goggles besides the face shield.’
    • ‘Remember to wear safety glasses, glass gloves, and a light cost to protect your arms from getting cut.’
    • ‘Pruning thorny rose shrubs requires sturdy, thorn-proof gloves and safety glasses to protect your eyes.’
    • ‘With either tool, always wear gloves and safety glasses.’
    • ‘A few items you should have are gloves, boots, safety glasses / goggles, and wear old clothes in case bleach comes in contact with them.’
    • ‘You need to keep them away from children, and wear shoes and safety glasses when you're using them.’
    • ‘Additionally, students pictured are wearing safety glasses and proper clothing.’
    • ‘Protect your eyes from gypsum dust by wearing safety glasses or goggles.’
    • ‘Employees in the hazardous area have been supplied with safety glasses to protect their eyes but won't wear them despite being repeatedly asked to do so.’
    • ‘Experts recommend that all mailroom employees wear latex gloves, masks and safety glasses while sorting and processing the mail.’
    • ‘From a safety perspective it is a good idea to wear safety glasses or goggles and heavy-duty work gloves to prevent you from cutting your hands and fingers.’
    • ‘Goggles or safety glasses should be worn whenever hammering, prying, or cutting materials.’
    • ‘Then he sighed taking off his safety glasses and tool belt.’
    • ‘Many tasks for which an air compressor is used require safety glasses or goggles, protective clothing and a dust or paint-filtering mask’


safety glass

/ˈsāftē ɡlas//ˈseɪfti ɡlæs/