Definition of safety first in US English:

safety first


  • Used to advise caution.

    • ‘It'd been a big moment, he agreed, the culmination of two years’ practise on frozen lakes, but he would never do better if he kept thinking about safety first.’
    • ‘We all need to commit to putting safety first every time we drive.’
    • ‘The Government must listen, and put safety first by refusing to allow GM crops to be commercially grown in Britain.’
    • ‘The best assistance we can give our emergency services personnel is to put our own safety first every time.’
    • ‘If he decides to go ahead and contact her, he needs to think about her safety first.’
    • ‘Londesbrough Park had by far the better of a draw against a cautious Sheriff Hutton Bridge side who opted for safety first.’
    • ‘The postmaster and the member of the public were not 100 per cent sure if he had a gun or not, but we had to put people's safety first.’
    • ‘But it should also be clear that there are structural limits to flight safety, and that any dream of a zero-accident future is probably about as realistic as the old ValuJet promise to put safety first.’
    • ‘While they have not criticised the actions of the woman in fending off the attacker, police advise the public to always think about safety first.’
    • ‘It's time for mothers to slow down and put safety first.’