Definition of safety cage in US English:

safety cage


  • A framework of reinforced struts protecting a car's passenger cabin against crash damage.

    • ‘Additionally, there are dozens of safety/security features, such as the safety cage occupant compartment, dual-stage airbags, roof-rail airbag system and seatbelt pretensioners.’
    • ‘As you step into the hoist, the safety cage is slammed shut, an operator turns the handle and the lift begins to move up the side of one of the main tubular steel stanchions.’
    • ‘The front is weak and fussy, and side-on, where you can best take in its trademark external safety cage and contrasting clip-on panels, it looks like two different cars cobbled together.’
    • ‘The ‘safety cages’ would refer to the strong materials that were used where the vehicle's passengers would also be seated.’
    • ‘During a crash event, the foam also supports the vehicle's safety cage by controlling displacement and improving or maintaining load transfer paths.’
    • ‘The safety skeleton is the direct descendant of the World Rally Car safety cage.’
    • ‘For example, improved crumple zones enable the greater part of an impact to be absorbed by certain parts of the chassis, while the more rigid the structure the more it is a safety cage.’
    • ‘Manufacturer Bluebird says the vehicles, which have steel safety cages and flashing lights at the front and back, are 70 times safer than any other US passenger vehicle.’
    • ‘The box is the safety cage and the bubble wrap is the restraint system.’
    • ‘The money will be used to build two new artificial grass practice wickets complete with safety cages and security fencing.’
    • ‘It challenges the safety cage that protects occupants.’