Definition of safety-critical in English:



  • Designed or needing to be fail-safe for safety purposes.

    ‘the company made safety-critical switch gear for oil rigs’
    • ‘This would most likely be reserved for safety-critical systems.’
    • ‘Other flaws identified included possible software errors and the use of the graphical user interface programming language Object Pascal for a safety-critical system.’
    • ‘It should be unthinkable for a vehicle - especially when there are safety-critical systems involved.’
    • ‘It is a sobering thought that these approximations have to be used every time a simulation is made of a safety-critical situation (such as the effects of a fire or of a coolant leak in a nuclear power station).’
    • ‘They are designed for use in safety-critical automotive applications like x-by-wire, where electronics replace mechanical components.’
    • ‘As applications also move into safety-critical areas where service reliability is of concern, users and services providers alike are becoming aware of the importance of service qualities and ultimately service guarantees.’
    • ‘Reliability and guarantee of service make EGNOS suitable for safety-critical situations such as flying aircraft or navigating ships through narrow channels.’
    • ‘Given that by profession I'm a software and systems architect, specialising in real-time and safety-critical systems where even the smallest error can cause disaster - pretty accurate, I'd say.’
    • ‘It is written in Ada - 95, a programming language designed for embedded systems and safety-critical software.’
    • ‘Vehicle and drivers become more aware of weather-related and safety-critical driving issues.’
    • ‘But it has its advantages when designing safety-critical systems where people's lives are at stake.’
    • ‘Awards are presented for Safety Person of the Year, Safety Team of the Year and Safety Representative of the year, as well as special awards to recognise the quick actions of those in safety-critical situations.’