Definition of safely in US English:



  • 1In a way that gives protection from danger or risk.

    ‘there is a memento she keeps safely stored away’
    ‘the tender plants are safely tucked up for the winter’
    ‘she wants to invest safely but strategically’
    • ‘We can safely put money on him to repeat his pre-match talk during the half-time as well.’
    • ‘After you have safely wrapped all disconnected light-fixture wires, you can turn the electricity back on.’
    • ‘He was, at that moment, safely entrapped in the living room.’
    • ‘A silver chest was placed in her room and the magic cloak safely locked therein.’
    • ‘He is safely enmeshed in the webs of scholarship.’
    • ‘I think about my sixth-grade year spent safely ensconced in a lovely elementary school.’
    • ‘I would hate for them to get all torn up so I think for now they will stay safely packed away.’
    • ‘You need to check this record is correct, and keep it safely with your green enrolment form.’
    • ‘The lions were safely contained within the zoological gardens nearby.’
    • ‘It is safely installed in its case and ready for viewing during the evening's opening reception.’
  • 2In a way that is not likely to cause or lead to harm or injury.

    ‘all of us have a responsibility to drive safely’
    ‘a time when children could play safely on the streets’
    • ‘He joined nine others on a pioneering course to teach them how to climb safely during rescues.’
    • ‘Historical highlights are the old railway viaducts and an old railway tunnel which you can safely ride into.’
    • ‘The skate park would enable them to safely practise flips and spins without antagonising pedestrians or motorists.’
    • ‘Pupils are taught to use materials and tools safely.’
    • ‘Now they can't safely enter the town even in armoured vehicles.’
    • ‘The plane's five crew remained on board to help passengers escape safely.’
    • ‘The aim of the content is to raise awareness and provide extensive information about how to go out clubbing and partying safely.’
    • ‘We evacuated a number of houses within 25 metres of the premises, which allowed the squad to safely burn the substances.’
    • ‘There is almost nowhere in there where they can safely walk without fear of being shot.’
    • ‘Join an online dating community where they claim you can safely meet and chat with a variety of individuals.’
  • 3With confidence through being based on good reasons or evidence.

    ‘we can safely say that things are improving’
    ‘you can safely assume I'm not going to resign’
    ‘you can safely ignore that advice’
    • ‘I think we can safely dismiss this one.’
    • ‘It can be safely maintained that we are now heading for the formation of a fully fledged body of law in this area.’
    • ‘We can safely assert that complexity of the game does not necessarily grow with the size of the game.’
    • ‘Having experienced this level of service, I think I can safely recommend their products to you.’
    • ‘In the meantime, I can now safely announce that I am with child.’
    • ‘As a former self-defense instructor, I can safely affirm that the best way to avoid injury by an attacker is to fight back.’
    • ‘I can safely declare that there were many tears on both sides, in addition to promises that they would wait for each other.’
    • ‘We can safely state that there is no shortage.’
    • ‘With that terrible temper she owns, I can safely pronounce that I would not be astounded if she possessed other unmannered habits.’
    • ‘May I then safely disregard your views?’
  • 4Without being injured or harmed.

    ‘all crews have returned safely from their missions’
    ‘we are relieved to have arrived safely’
    • ‘Apollo 13 was delivered safely back to Earth thanks to amazing human ingenuity.’
    • ‘They are both safely home now.’
    • ‘Two years after investigating the high-profile death, he is safely back on the political beat.’
    • ‘I safely relocated him to a spot where he won't be disturbed for the rest of the winter.’
    • ‘He's a brilliant private investigator with a reputation for bringing missing children safely home.’
    • ‘The passengers were safely transferred to Heathrow on alternative flights.’
    • ‘There was nothing that flight controllers could have done to bring home the shuttle safely.’
    • ‘With no hydraulic fluid, they landed their 55 passengers safely by pouring all the lemonade on board into the jet's hydraulic system.’
    • ‘The two officers were brought back safely early Wednesday with the help of the Coast Guard.’
    • ‘Some lawmakers want to speed up the process of getting the refugees safely to America.’