Definition of safecracker in US English:



  • A person who breaks open and robs safes.

    • ‘The actual sequence of opening the safe develops some real suspense as the director cuts between the safecrackers, their leader who has run into a hitch in the plan, and the returning watchmen.’
    • ‘The kids' favorite part (and, I suspect, everyone else's, too) was Feynman's retelling of his adventures as a safecracker.’
    • ‘It's about Vic, a former safecracker who has done his time and is now trying to maintain a straight life running a garage in New York.’
    • ‘I could forego the computer hackers and high-tech recon operatives and burst into the place with a classic, rock-solid team of thugs, gunmen, and safecrackers.’
    • ‘We have two of the finest safecrackers in North America working with us here at Ronald Lister.’
    • ‘Zed is an American safecracker in Paris.’
    • ‘‘Most likely, one of the criminals was an experienced safecracker, because an analysis showed that the safe was opened without any outer physical damage,’ a police spokesman told Interfax.’
    • ‘These ratings are not theoretical; employed by UL, actual hotshot safecrackers take actual safes and test them.’
    • ‘Veteran British safecracker Gary ‘Gal’ Dove retires, taking his wife to the sunny climes of Spain to live off his ill-gotten gains.’
    • ‘In Bad Santa, Billy Bob Thornton's part-time department store Santa is a seasonal safecracker and a foul-mouthed, cantankerous drunk all year round.’
    • ‘He has a new cellmate, an articulate safecracker named Jack Duane.’
    • ‘A factory was discovered where loaded dice and marked cards were produced and a school for safecrackers was uncovered.’
    • ‘If the safe could withstand safecrackers indefinitely, you wouldn't have to bother with alarms.’
    • ‘Each safe is actually rated according to approximately how long it can withstand fire, as well as how hard it would be for a veteran safecracker to break into it.’
    • ‘De Niro plays a master safecracker who is persuaded by his long-time backer to take on a huge job in his home town of Montreal, with inside help from an up-and-coming wiseguy (Norton).’
    • ‘William H. Macy, playing nervous single parent Riley, and Sam Rockwell, as born loser boxer Pero, head the cast of this hit and miss affair, most notable for a cameo appearance by George Clooney as a wheelchair-bound safecracker.’
    • ‘Nick is also a professional safecracker who lives by a sworn motto: never steal from where you live.’
    • ‘I thought it was a hilarious play, about two loveable ex-cons - a safecracker and a pickpocket - who wanted to show the ropes to a young convict who's been framed and is just getting out of prison.’
    • ‘There are really too many to name them all, but Italian comic Tot is especially endearing in his role as Dante Cruiciani, a legendary safecracker brought in to give the gang some much-needed pointers.’
    • ‘Needing a safecracker to replace Bridger, Charlie approaches the old man's daughter, Stella, who's taken the skills daddy taught her into the legitimate world of safe and vault consulting.’