Definition of safe room in US English:

safe room


  • A room in a house or other building that is invulnerable to attack or intrusion, and from which security operations can be directed.

    Also called panic room
    • ‘The Federal Emergency Management Agency has recognized the Lite-Deck system as an effective component of a concrete safe room.’
    • ‘The handgun is ‘infantry;’ it allows you to go mobile, shepherding other family members from their bedrooms to the safe room.’
    • ‘The safe room is the room the family understands will be the gathering point for all members if security is breached by intruders.’
    • ‘This can include strengthening garage doors, reinforcing your pre-designated safe room, or even elevating coastal homes.’
    • ‘Maybe it is wise to stock up on coarse soap (for wiping away radiation released by a dirty bomb) and plastic sheeting and duct tape for creating safe rooms.’
    • ‘How will you get fresh air in/out of this safe room?’
    • ‘Fortunately for that family, they were bunkered in what they called a safe room.’
    • ‘A fire could spread from your tape safe room through the open fire door to the Computer Room!’
    • ‘Responding to government alarms, duct tape and plastic sheeting disappeared from store shelves as people rushed to build safe rooms secure from chemical, radiological or biological attacks.’
    • ‘Initially we were told to store these items in a designated safe room in the house.’
    • ‘Most of what they're worried about would never necessitate you to have a safe room.’
    • ‘If are going to pay for a panic room, a safe room, which these people do, why not build something they can use in the meantime, for entertainment?’
    • ‘Also, people are getting safe room kits in which they're being given special room air filters to set up just in case there is an accident.’
    • ‘People are building safe rooms in the basement.’
    • ‘Well, the idea is that some people have installed safe rooms in their houses, people that are extremely paranoid, extremely rich, for all sorts of reasons.’
    • ‘This means you don't go looking for him, you ensconce with the family in the safe room, get the police on the phone, and make the intruder come looking for you.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, safe rooms are becoming popular in new house construction in KC.’
    • ‘Stepping inside he tried to see any lines any contours that could tell him it was a safe room.’
    • ‘Well can't we move them in here and free up the tape safe room?’


safe room