Definition of sabbatarianism in US English:



  • See sabbatarian

    • ‘Is it true that Eric Liddell abandoned sabbatarianism towards the end of his life?’
    • ‘Besides keeping meticulous records, the fifth earl of Huntingdon was a man of exemplary piety, a moderate Calvinist who was obsessed with sabbatarianism.’
    • ‘But in the 19th century, this essential work was seriously disrupted by the strict sabbatarianism and stifling dominance of the church.’
    • ‘The evangelical revival made sabbatarianism fashionable, so that on a Victorian Sunday there was no sport or pleasure, not even reading of serious secular literature.’
    • ‘It is notable, however, that members of religions which preserve strict sabbatarianism, that is, Saturday observance, usually have little difficulty in putting that into practice.’