Definition of sabayon in US English:



  • mass noun ‘quince compote with sabayon’
    French term for zabaglione
    as modifier ‘sabayon sauce’
    count noun ‘he once poured a bottle of very fine Champagne into a sabayon’
    • ‘But then there's goat-cheese pasta in red sabayon that's as gratifying as the lush braised lamb shank and lean slices of loin it accompanies.’
    • ‘Take the moulds or ramekins from the freezer and spoon the sabayon on top of the chocolate layer.’
    • ‘Transfer the sabayon to a separate bowl to cool.’
    • ‘As sabayon never freezes solid, the parfaits must be served promptly.’
    • ‘Fold the egg whites and whipped cream into the sabayon.’
    • ‘For the truffle sabayon, in a small saucepan over medium heat, combine the sherry vinegar, shallots, and thyme sprig.’
    • ‘My friend preferred his dessert - the contrasts of frozen sabayon, lightly spiced pear and its delicious juices were a light but satisfying finish.’
    • ‘Strawberry cream cake could have lived happily ever after with a Sauternes sabayon.’
    • ‘Sweet sabayon is often used to accompany fresh berries or stone fruit.’
    • ‘And there are lovely poached pears, raspberry sabayons or a comforting warm coconut milk rice pudding.’
    • ‘It came close, mainly because the apricot sabayon was the perfect accompaniment, but failed because the cheese had not been sufficiently heated.’
    • ‘To finish was an exceptional crêpe of woodland berries with port sabayon and pistachio ice-cream.’
    • ‘The pool of bisque was topped with a martini sabayon and I can't ever remember tasting better cod.’
    • ‘It went nicely with hazelnut ice cream, or poached kumquats, or even a dribbling of sabayon.’
    • ‘Lisa opted for the Belgian waffles with Macadamia nut sabayon.’
    • ‘For dessert they presented mouth-watering vanilla sabayon served in a champagne flute and layered with fresh fruit and biscuit.’
    • ‘In the restaurant, we sometimes brown a sabayon sauce with a blow torch to just caramelise it.’
    • ‘Leaving the door open, brown the top of the sabayon, rotating the tart if necessary for even color; do not leave the oven - this will happen in a few seconds.’
    • ‘We finished with French farmhouse cheeses and a warm pear tart with Williamine sabayon and bitter chocolate ice cream.’
    • ‘A layered and truffled potato cake, and a strangely matched champagne sabayon sauce, could not make the dish click.’