Definition of ryegrass in US English:



  • A Eurasian grass that is widely grown as forage.

    Genus Lolium, family Gramineae: several species, in particular L. perenne

    • ‘Grasses other than perennial ryegrass give a poor return for money spent on fertiliser.’
    • ‘The best strategy is to plant a strip of wheat or ryegrass (perpendicular to prevailing winds), leave 30 to 50 feet open for flowers, and plant another strip.’
    • ‘It is considered that perennial ryegrass is the most suitable companion species for white clover (clover).’
    • ‘Avoid any mixture containing bentgrass or tall fescue or more than 15 percent ryegrass.’
    • ‘Perennial ryegrass is a bunch grass suitable for hay, silage, or pasture.’
    • ‘Focusing on annual ryegrass, red clover, and Bermuda grass, they've found that over half of all the animal waste nutrients taken up by forage plants concentrates in their stems or runners.’
    • ‘Perennial ryegrass and tall fescue can be managed for high recovery performance by overseeding the respective species back into the turf.’
    • ‘In this region, cool-season grasses such as fine fescue, Kentucky bluegrass and turf-type perennial ryegrass thrive.’
    • ‘The nearby dairy farmer plowed and harrowed the garden, and we planted cover crops of annual ryegrass and winter rye.’
    • ‘Tall fescue and perennial ryegrass are more resistant than bluegrass and Bermuda.’


Early 18th century: alteration of obsolete ray-grass, of unknown origin.