Definition of rye bread in US English:

rye bread


  • Bread made wholly or partly with rye flour, typically with caraway seeds added.

    • ‘In a study published in the Journal of Nutrition, the effects of eating white bread and rye bread on cholesterol levels in men were compared.’
    • ‘You could get four of those for £4 and that's lunch for two, except it would be a pity not to have thin buttered rye bread along with them.’
    • ‘The heavy wool blankets held off the chill of the bare stone floor, and the cool cellar had ensured the quality of the recently stocked food, including fresh apples, a heavy loaf of rye bread, and a tray of meats and cheeses.’
    • ‘Compared to those made from wheat, rye bread has been shown to instigate less insulin secretion, which makes it better breakfast fare.’
    • ‘Nothing is better than a smoky pork shoulder on some rye bread, with some mayonnaise and a slice of onion…,’ Wall said.’
    • ‘Be sure to have plenty of thinly sliced and buttered rye bread, freshly ground pepper and wedges of lemon near by.’
    • ‘Ivan cast a look at the table set with demijohns of homemade wine and crusty loaves of rye bread.’
    • ‘She took out a loaf of rye bread and a block of cheese wrapped in more paper.’
    • ‘I eat rye bread and wholemeal pitta, brown rice and porridge flavoured with organic honey.’
    • ‘She whisked it away a second later and handed a turkey, lettuce, and mozzarella cheese sandwich on rye bread to Etria.’
    • ‘We both relished the dark rye bread and nutty ciabatta slices with this first course.’
    • ‘Rye is low in gluten, the substance which gives wheat bread its light, elastic texture; so rye bread is always rather dense.’
    • ‘Ideally, buy the moist, dark Austrian-style whole-grain rye bread that is sold in pre-sliced 500g blocks.’
    • ‘Some whole rye bread would be better breakfast fare’
    • ‘The Facts of Life crew introduced me to brownies and rye bread.’
    • ‘Frightened, they ran away but returned shortly after to the soldier with a loaf of rye bread and a round of white bread.’
    • ‘As a matter of fact, Austria's loaves of rye bread, with their crispy crust, can hardly be found anywhere else, even in Toronto, where you can generally find foods from all over the world.’
    • ‘‘Enjoy,’ he said, then quickly turned around and went back into the kitchen to finish the Smirnoff's order of cherry pie, one loaf of rye bread, and a small slice of cheesecake.’
    • ‘Serve triangles of rye bread on the side, buttered if you must.’
    • ‘But then you run into a contrast problem… toasted rye bread isn't much darker than untoasted rye bread.’