Definition of rustle something up in US English:

rustle something up

phrasal verb

  • Produce something quickly when it is needed.

    ‘see if you can rustle up a cup of coffee for Paula and me, please’
    • ‘While you're listening to ‘The Jane Austen Music Compact Disc’, you can rustle something up from ‘The Jane Austen Cookbook ’, and so on.’
    • ‘This dish is rustled up in a moment, and is really great at the end of a hard day in the kitchen or in a TV studio.’
    • ‘When I asked if I could have dessert, she said the chef had gone home, but she could rustle something up if we wanted.’
    • ‘But the match went ahead - until rain stopped play - after substitutes were rustled up.’
    • ‘Asked how many fans could be rustled up for the semi-final, the manager responded: ‘We've seen a greater number of supporters coming through our gates in the past year.’’
    • ‘I'm not saying that they can be rustled up in minutes, but they can be made in advance and either reheated or quickly finished off in the kitchen.’
    • ‘And for the child with a discerning palate, not only were there the usual children's dishes but small portions of items on the main menu could be rustled up on request.’
    • ‘So, we asked six of Britain's finest to rustle something up at their favourite restaurant for the charity auction.’
    • ‘A hasty package of aid was rustled up for impoverished English students to give an impression of parity.’
    • ‘Once the concrete creations had been rustled up with the help of a cement mixer at the back of the art department they were decorated, painted and varnished before being placed outside the school.’
    • ‘But when I saw the ingredient list, I realised I just might be able to rustle something up, after all, from what I already had in the house.’
    • ‘Even for those who cook regularly, the book has some interesting dishes which can be rustled up in a jiffy.’
    • ‘He offered him a job in his own private cricket circus, and rustled him up a work permit.’
    • ‘So I grab the kids favourite meal and manage to rustle it up in the microwave, we are talking good old pasta and meatballs here.’
    • ‘Imagine having a husband who would rustle you up a tray of Chocolate Buttercrunch Toffee in a matter of minutes.’
    prepare hastily, produce, make, put together
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