Definition of Rust Belt in US English:

Rust Belt


the Rust Belt
North American
  • Parts of the northeastern and midwestern US that are characterized by declining industry, aging factories, and a falling population. Steel-producing cities in Pennsylvania and Ohio are at its center.

    ‘the smokestacks of the Rust Belt were no longer allowed to blast wastes into the air’
    as modifier ‘the state's Rust Belt economy’
    • ‘The Midwest is shedding its rust-belt reputation for a new era of artistic appreciation, according to a poll of readers of AmericanStyle, a bi-annual arts lifestyle publication.’
    • ‘Maria and the other woman tending bar both have rust-belt accents.’
    • ‘Those in the Midwest's rust belt have been hit hard by job losses, particularly in well-paying manufacturing jobs.’
    • ‘In the Midwest and in the rust belt they're going to be very upset about people making sneakers in very poor countries.’
    • ‘The state, in an effort to transform an area dependent on government bureaucracy and rust-belt industry into another Silicon Valley, has invested hundreds of millions already in the Albany Nanotech campus.’
    • ‘I suppose my point is that the potential is there for dozens of regional ethanol plants in the rust-belt towns and states of Australia to be built.’
    • ‘More and more rust-belt companies in Eastern Europe are realizing the benefits of going green.’
    • ‘As those industries declined, the upper Midwest became known as the rust belt.’
    • ‘In the view of some it is as if the management of the FRG has failed, in its hostile takeover of a failed rust-belt industry, to treat its newly acquired property with sufficient sangfroid.’
    • ‘Another corporate drama is playing out on the great rust belt stage here in the Midwest.’
    • ‘The Dabrowa Gornicza steel plant near Katowice, Poland, is a cathedral of Soviet-era rust belt industry.’
    • ‘Christmas has come early for local TV stations in the capital of America's industrial rust belt.’
    • ‘He attempted to elaborate on the theme of the downsized economy where Roger and Me left off, but the book's description of a rust-belt dystopia of pink slips and unemployment checks was out of date way before it hit the bookstores.’
    • ‘From the streets of rust-belt cities such as Harbin, it may look like a mighty challenge - but it's one that China and its leaders can't afford to ignore.’
    • ‘The darkest red areas are the opposite: heavily industrialized northeast France (including Lille) with high industrial unemployment, communist labor unions and rust-belt industries.’
    • ‘Buffalo has a legacy of dreams gone sour, and even today, surrounded by the horn of American plenty, we are still very much the rust belt.’
    • ‘Already, in the rust-belt cities of China's north-east, there are hundreds of thousands of illegal refugees from North Korea.’
    • ‘‘Steeltown’ details the vanishing machine politics of a decaying rust-belt town.’
    • ‘Young people are leaving and rust-belt cities such as Eisenhuettenstadt and Wittenberge are shrinking and ageing rapidly.’
    • ‘The deindustrialization of these rust-belt cities, and the resulting economic impact on workers' lives, is one of the recurring themes of his poetry.’