Definition of runtime in US English:



  • 1The time that a film or DVD lasts.

    ‘a thriller that is so well paced it seems a lot shorter than its three-hour runtime’
  • 2Computing
    The length of time a program takes to run.

    • ‘Further, heuristical simplifications are described to reduce run-times for the optimization process.’
    • ‘Operations and maintenance savings can result from improved performance of systems, reduced run-time and decreased maintenance costs.’
    • ‘Many instructors use program run-times to illustrate and reinforce algorithm complexity concepts.’
    • ‘New, much more aggressive models are needed, and unfortunately we will pay a heavy penalty in run-times and convergence.’
    • ‘The algorithm run-time increases in polynomial time, and so the problem is called ‘P-type’.’
    1. 2.1 The time at or during which a program is run.
      • ‘Given the architecture's dynamic reconfigurability, objects with different operation cycles can be instantiated at run-time.’
      • ‘In contrast, an OODB allows for late binding of data types or binding of data types at run-time.’
      • ‘Once the first preprocessing step is complete, the second step may be executed at run-time, while a user is inspecting, or visualizing, the input.’
      • ‘At run-time, an in-memory representation of the structured data type is generated using information conveyed in the parse trees.’
      • ‘Content can be customized at run-time using an XML description of the client, user settings, and content structure.’
    2. 2.2 A cut-down version of a program that can be run but not changed.
      ‘you can distribute the runtime to your colleagues’
      • ‘He is co-author of C# and the accompanying (but usually ignored) common run-time: Microsoft's version of a JVM.’
      • ‘Hence, the New Reality Run-time is a run-time that optimizes for REST and Scripts.’
      • ‘Plaintiffs indicate that he will testify that he was able to run and test various applications on these embedded run-times.’
      • ‘The big iron guys don't want the Microsoft run-time to run well natively on their servers, so it will forever be relegated to edge tasks.’
      • ‘Mono is a run-time and C# compiler, but the team has included just-in-time support an IDE, and intriguingly, both a Visual Basic runtime and a Java VM.’


  • (of software) in a reduced version that can be run but not changed.

    • ‘Windows Rights Manager ‘individualizes the critical components of each run-time client.’’
    • ‘He spent a lot of time trying to force me to answer a question about how long it would take to download a JRE [Java run-time environment] using DSL or cable broadband.’
    • ‘What the company is releasing is source code for the database of automated solutions, the tools to develop solutions, and the run-time version of the symptom and detection engine.’
    • ‘This job starts the local area multicomputer software, which is a user-level, dæmon-based run-time environment.’
    • ‘Because the development platform is also the run-time engine, you can use the database widget in real time to manage databases as you develop an application.’