Definition of runout in US English:



  • 1A slight error in a rotating tool, machine component, etc., such as being off-center or not exactly round.

    mass noun ‘slight runout in your drill can make the holes oversized’
    • ‘Depending on the design and length it is recommended to use a steady rest to reduce the run-out.’
    • ‘One insert had 20 μm axial and 1.5 μm radial measured run-outs relative to the reference insert, which are included in the simulation model.’
    • ‘And, because the discs float on the hub, lateral run-out isn't a problem.’
  • 2A length of time or stretch of ground over which something gradually ceases or is brought to an end or a halt.

    ‘I skied the trail's long runout to the bottom and found the familiar yellow bus waiting’
    • ‘Let's go back to our practice hill, the one that is wide, not very steep and has a nice run-out at the bottom.’
    • ‘Blackfish, or Luderick, which are predicted to be found in numbers on run-out tides once the river water is clear.’
    • ‘Blackfish still seem to be slow but no doubt they will be running as soon as the water is clearer on the run-out tide.’