Definition of running stitch in US English:

running stitch


  • A simple needlework stitch consisting of a line of small even stitches that run in and out through the cloth without overlapping.

    • ‘For hand appliqué, outline the flowers and leaves with three strands of embroidery floss using a backstitch, running stitch or stem stitch.’
    • ‘The surgeon closes the patient's abdomen with a #1 polypropylene running stitch from superior and inferior aspects of the incision.’
    • ‘Measures are usually taken to stop the bleeding by packing the involved area tightly with gauze or suturing the artery with a running stitch.’
    • ‘The stitches need some consideration and the contemporary ones were: stem-stitch, outline-stitch, threaded running-stitch, running stitch, split-stitch, chain-stitch, couching, and surface couching.’
    • ‘Leaving a long yarn tail at each end, use the tapestry needle, yarn and a 3/8' long running stitch to stitch the pillow front to the back 2' from the edges, leaving a 4' opening in one edge center.’


running stitch

/ˈrəniNG stiCH/