Definition of running lights in English:

running lights

plural noun

  • 1

    another term for navigation lights
    • ‘The craft had a triangle/chevron shape with one light at each point of the three points which did not blink, as most aircraft running lights do.’
    • ‘There were no running lights or strobe visible and no engine noise was heard.’
    • ‘We had our running lights on and proceeded in a northerly direction very slowly.’
    • ‘Cruising those boundary waters in a boat with no running lights feels dramatically smugglerish.’
    • ‘Hunter's plight was reported to the Coast Guard who promptly put out a radio broadcast of a dog sailing north ‘without running lights.’’
    • ‘The ship's radios would be on, but the running lights and the tower beacon would be secured.’
    • ‘The team headed out in total darkness - no running lights, no navigation lights - only night vision goggles and the glow of phosphorescent plankton in their bow wake to guide them.’
    • ‘Journalists peeked out the shades and saw that the plane had on none of the running lights that are customarily visible, including the red or green ones on the wings.’
    • ‘The running lights of the ship seemed to brighten as rock closed in around them.’
    • ‘Above the wheelhouse, the running lights are full of trapped air and have floated free of their mountings, held in place only by their cables, red on the left and green on the right.’
    • ‘It came as a bit of a surprise therefore when, only a couple of hours later, they heard the sound of the engine from Harry's runabout and saw the running lights heading into the bay.’
    • ‘No need to worry about power consumption - the typical small boat radar will use about as much electrical energy as the boat's running lights.’
    • ‘If they don't respond to the log buoy, use the running lights.’
    • ‘The U.S.S. Batting's running lights slowly flickered on.’
  • 2Small lights on a motor vehicle that remain illuminated while the vehicle is running.

    • ‘Also housed in the lights' polycarbonate enclosures are the parking lights, side-turn markers and daytime running lights.’
    • ‘Through the other door I could just see the rear of the thing as it moved off down the road, illuminated by a set of dim running lights.’
    • ‘The headlights when used through heavy fogs usually produce glare so it's better to turn them off and use the fog lights and the running lights instead.’
    • ‘I stepped to the porch and turned to watch the glow from the truck's running lights pull away.’
    • ‘It features agile handling, advanced antilock brakes, and daytime running lights to help avoid accidents.’
    • ‘There were no running lights or internal illumination.’
    • ‘Check all of the running lights, lenses, brake lights, and turn signals.’
    • ‘Daytime running lights are also available in conjunction with xenon-plus for safety in conditions where there is heavy shadow or a low-lying sun’
    • ‘He states, ‘It came to a stop in mid air and what had appeared to be a set of running lights fused into one large white light.’’
    • ‘Their skin was dark, but with a bluish tint in the weak light thrown off by the running lights of the bus.’
    • ‘Make sure to use your running lights during the daytime, regardless of the weather.’