Definition of running gear in US English:

running gear


  • 1The moving parts of a machine, especially the wheels, steering, and suspension of a vehicle.

    • ‘Moreover, the running gear of tracked vehicles is easier to protect, which should be done in both cases, to reduce the risk of mobility kills because immobilized vehicles become very vulnerable during urban combat.’
    • ‘The power is currently transferred to the tarmac by the standard Lux gearbox and running gear.’
    • ‘The running gear has torsion bar suspension with an adjustable damping system and automatic block mechanism without stabilising spades.’
    • ‘The running gear consists of six dual rubber lined road wheels, with three return rollers on each side and connector type tracks.’
    • ‘The Toyota FTSX concept is powered by a 3.5-liter V - 6 and automatic transmission, with running gear for on-road performance.’
    • ‘Thanks to the excellence of the new Fiesta platform, suspension and running gear, the Fusion has fine road behaviour.’
    • ‘The running gear features torsion bar suspension with hydraulic shock absorbers at one, two and six road wheel stations and tracks with rubber-metallic pin hinges.’
    • ‘Brakes, suspension and other running gear consist of racing specific components.’
    • ‘These daily inspections should begin with an examination of the running gear, hydraulic cylinders, frame, and suspension for loose, bent, or damaged components.’
    • ‘Among the brown debris that fills every space, I spotted the running gear of a tracked vehicle, possibly a light tank.’
    • ‘The manufacturer decided there was a gap in the market for a vehicle which combined the looks of the 4x4 with a lighter, more car-like chassis and running gear, and the RAV4 was launched.’
    • ‘The exterior of the car has little changed but its character has been rejuvenated by the arrival of a six speed automatic gearbox and detail changes to the rest of the running gear, along with the standardisation of air suspension.’
    • ‘While traditional running gear and the attendant sounds of traction motors and gears was deemed a desirable feature, the goal of minimal maintenance was also introduced.’
    • ‘VW has been making passenger vans for 30 years; the whole idea was born from the motorised trolleys, built from stripped-down Beetle chassis and running gear, that were used to take parts around the factory back in the late 1940s.’
    • ‘The running gear is decoupled so the vehicle has low noise and vibration characteristics.’
    • ‘The running gear consists of seven dual rubber-lined road wheels, plus four return rollers on each side with connector type tracks.’
    • ‘Volvo has announced a number of styling and running gear changes to its S40 and V40 cars from mid-year.’
    • ‘The tank has been equipped with torsion bar running gear and hydraulic dampers have been fitted to the first and last pair of wheels.’
    • ‘This unit is made from an old four-wheel running gear with a 2x6-foot wooden box fastened to it.’
    • ‘I tightened up the wheel spokes, checked the running gear then greased up the axles with a tar and tallow lubricant needed to be kept in a bucket far away from the seat as you could get, finally buckling up Crate's harness.’
    1. 1.1 The moving rope and tackle used in handling a boat.
      • ‘I have since removed the engine and all the running gear from the boat, replaced all the hoses and belt, cleaned and painted it, and purchased new carb.’
      • ‘I use these with a running line to get the sensitivity of the pole rig but with the advantages of running gear when playing fish.’
      • ‘The keel is cut away aft for installation of the propeller and rudder and protects the running gear from damage by accidental grounding.’
      • ‘I started off by baiting a swim about 13 ft from the bank in about 4ft of water before casting my pole tackle on running gear into the swim.’