Definition of running commentary in US English:

running commentary


  • An oral description of events, given as they occur.

    • ‘Also, take a look at Tulip Girl, who has a running commentary on events and links to a number of other Ukrainian blogs and news sites.’
    • ‘The event is also telecast live and a running commentary given through the radio for the benefit of devotees outside Madurai.’
    • ‘He also provides a running commentary, and this movie never leaves him short of things, primarily practical, to talk about.’
    • ‘The All India Radio, Madurai, broadcast a running commentary of the event.’
    • ‘The screen flashed the contents of each player's hand and the hosts provided a running commentary on the wisdom of every check, call, and raise.’
    • ‘A small onstage screen will give a running commentary in English.’
    • ‘She began her career with the AIR and FM Radio, New Delhi, and has done the running commentary on the Republic Day parade.’
    • ‘The 55-minute documentary is accompanied by a running commentary.’
    • ‘Last night on the bus through Twickenham, two men in front of me were giving each other a running commentary on the shops and pubs and restaurants we passed.’
    • ‘The president of the Swindon Old Town Rotary Club, which organises the annual event, gave a running commentary.’
    • ‘The very efficient MC gave a running commentary on the parade as it passed the stand.’
    • ‘There were too many critics in the crowd who were instantaneously giving running commentaries.’
    • ‘It is also claimed he gave a running commentary over his mobile phone of the movements of the neighbour in her house and garden.’
    • ‘The BBC did broadcast running commentaries on the game but we did not have a radio.’
    • ‘During the flight passengers are given a running commentary from the flight deck of all the noises and sensations.’
    • ‘We were each given the free loan of an audio device which gave us a running commentary explaining the history and significance of the castle as we toured the site.’
    • ‘He contacted police on his mobile phone and gave a running commentary on the getaway vehicle as events unfolded.’
    • ‘Was she going to give him a running commentary for the entire flight?’
    • ‘For those who are not too good with maps, the author guides you along the route with a running commentary.’
    • ‘This included the completion of a challenging course of tight turns and full boom operational manoeuvres while onlookers were given a running commentary of their every move.’


running commentary

/ˈrənɪŋ ˈkɑmənˌtɛri//ˈrəniNG ˈkämənˌterē/